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EyeStalk gives a whole new point of view to your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Using advanced image manipulation techniques EyeStalk transforms photos/videos to give you a through the eyestalk view as seen by the Doctor's deadliest enemy, the Daleks.

EyeStalk has the following features:

  • Seven Dalek effects based on the TV series:
  • Power/Mk3 - Black and White with 60's style scan lines
  • Victory - Blue monochrome with clear centre and blurred hex regions
  • Doomsday - Blue monochrome with bump distortion in centre and blurred hex regions
  • Paradigm - Light blue monochrome with bump distortion centre and overlaid sight
  • Destiny - Red monochrome with grey concentric circles
  • Remembrance - Green thermal image with 80's style graticule.
  • Asylum - Grey monochrome with bump distortion in the centre and blurred hex regions
  • Video mode. Capture video and audio using EyeStalk and then apply current effect to your movie.
  • Choose between HD video and normal video on devices with HD camera. Capture video at 640 x 480 or 1280 x 720.
  • Accurate video rendering estimates for processing video.
  • Accelerated video rendering using full GPU 2.0 Pixel Shaders.
  • A universal app, with full screen dedicated iPad mode.
  • Capture images and video in raw mode and apply effects later. EyeStalk will save raw photos/video direct to the photo library. This allows you to apply different EyeStalk effects to the same photo or video.
  • Take photos/videos direct from EyeStalk or choose pictures/video from photo library
  • Change styles by swiping left and right
  • Use front and rear cameras, control the flash direct from EyeStalk.
  • Share photos direct to Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, Evernote, Email, SMS/iMessage
  • Live image preview overlaid with chosen image style

EyeStalk has been tested on the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4,4S,5, Touch (4th Generation), iPad2, iPad3 and Mini.

BBC logo © BBC 1996.
Doctor Who logo © BBC 2012.
Dalek Image © BBC/Terry Nation 1963.
Licensed by BBC Worldwide Limited.
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